Top 5 Two Story Dog House With Stairs & Balcony Reviews

Do your dog needs a private outdoor space?

Then you might need the 2 story dog house. It is a great unit that offers the security of the house with the private balcony on the top. In this article, you can read about the best two-story dog houses for sale.


2 Story Dog House Considerations

Dimensions Of The House

The first thing you have to consider when buying a dog house is size. That will help you narrow down the options. You don’t want a too large or too small house for your dog, especially if it stopped growing. You want the house that is just the right fit. But when it comes to choosing a dog house with a balcony, you have to take into consideration the size of the stairs and the size of the balcony.

Types Of Dog Houses

Dog houses come in different styles and it is up to your personal preference to choose the one that suits your dog best. The main types are traditional wooden house, igloo style, and canopy. Igloo style is great for high winds and winter, but there is no option for stairs and balcony. Canopy is a tent house that provides shade and it is practical to carry around. That leaves only a classic wooden house. It has cute aesthetics, it is durable and you can add, stairs, balcony, porch, and other things.

Weather Doors

Even if you are living in the area with a mild climate, it is a good idea to put a door to your dogs’ house. You don’t have to put any kind of expensive wire or wood door. It is enough to get the vinyl flop to keep the wind and rain out of the house. You can even get the piece of vinyl and do it yourself. The thing is, the balcony and the stairs are constantly exposed to the weather and you want your dog to have a dry and safe place to rest.

Insulation And Safety

Insulation is equally important like weather door. Your dog will spend a lot of time on the balcony because it is higher, it has a fence that makes it feel safe and it is its throne. That is why you have to make sure that the house is ready to accept and adjust to the needs of your dog at a given moment. Some houses come with built-in insulation and ventilation system, but you can add to your house the things you need.

Top 5 Two Story Dog House With Stairs & Balcony

Top Large Dog House With Balcony

Boomer & George Beacon Dog House With Side Deck

Build Materials

You want the best for your dog and the best can be the Beacon two floor dog house. Its main construction is made from durable Chinese fir wood with a light brown finish with white trim and details. The frame is solid and weather resistant so it won’t rot. The construction is also covered with stained paint protection.

Boomer & George Beacon Dog House With Sunning Side Deck

Roof And Ventilation

This Boomer and George staircase dog house features asphalt roof that is also weatherproof so it is ready to keep your dog protected from the elements year after year. For the ventilation, there is a mesh opening just below the roof, on the side of the house and in front of the house. It also features a raised floor ensuring that the house is dry underneath.

Large Indoor Space

This house also features an off-center doorway for extra room on one side that adds to your dog comfort but also keeps the area where the weather won’t enter the dog house. It is a classic wooden dog house that comes in two sizes where the large sizes house can accommodate dogs up to 100 pounds.

Boomer & George Beacon Dog House With Sunning Side Deck review

Sunning Deck

One of the best features is the sunning deck on the side of the house. Your dog will love this space where it can lie out and enjoy a nice day. You can customize it as you like and even add a small cushion for more comfort. It is a high-end edition of a dog house for the comfort of your dog.


  • Suitable for medium and large dogs
  • Vented window and air holes
  • Extra space inside the house

Top Two Story Dog Bed

Petsfit Wooden Pet Bed

Keep Your Pets Close

This is a perfect option to keep your pets close and next to you without them taking up your space. You can place it anywhere you want because it is removable and easily assembled with pre-drilled holes. It will only take you a few minutes for this bunk bed to be functional. It is ideal for smaller dogs or even older dogs that cannot climb the normal-sized bed.

Petsfit Wooden Pet Bed

Multiple Levels

Because of the high fence that goes around both beds, you can even use this as a storage space. One bed can be reserved for your dor and another for all its toys and blankets. It is practical no matter how you use it. It will fit any room and any needs you might have for using this 2 story dog bed.

Modern Design

When you take a look at this bunk bed you don’t see much of modern features. It is a traditional wooden bunk bed for your dogs. The modern thing about it is that you can paint it any way you like. Just make sure that you use water-based and non-toxic paint so your dog can easily breathe around it.

Petsfit Wooden Pet Bed review

Dimensions And Size

Like it was mentioned before, this is a bed suitable for smaller dogs. It is 34 inches high, 18 inches long and 24 inches wide. Those are measurements of the bed, but if you add the stairs you will get an additional 8.3 inches in width. It can hold up to 15 pounds of the weight on each bed.


  • Multiple-use of the beds
  • You can paint it as you like
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made for small dogs

Top Indoor Dog House With Stairs

Tangkula Pet Dog House

Activity Palace

This pet home is designed with house, steps, and balcony. Your pet can relax on the balcony, sleep in the house and just play around with it. For extra comfort, you can even add a waterproof mat on the top so that it can comfortably take a nap at the open. It comes in gray color with white trim.

Tangkula Pet Dog House

Easy To Maintain

This dog house with a balcony has a large door so you can clean the house in seconds with running water. It is made to be waterproof so it won’t damage the wood. The door is lockable if you need to keep them closed but you can also remove it completely.

Durable And Sturdy Construction

The house is made of solid fir wood. It is lightweight and easy to move around and place it where you want. It is sturdy and durable and environmental friendly. The paint is water-based and non-toxic for pets. Ths dog house should last you for a long time no matter if you use it indoors or outdoors.

Tangkula Pet Dog House review

Assembly In Minutes

With this Tangkula Pet Dog House, you won’t have trouble in putting it together. It comes with the pre-drilled holes and all the necessary hardware to assembly it. According to the manual, you won’t need more than 30 minutes to make it complete. You can even have your kids help you with it.

Size And Dimensions

This house comes in two sizes. The medium and the large one. The large is 35.8 inches long, 24 inches wide and 34 inches high. It weighs 24.8 pounds and it has an elevated floor to keep the house from rotting. The boards are 0.4 inches thick. It is a comfortable place for your pets to live in.


  • Good match with indoor and outdoor decor
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Protects your pets from ground chill

Top Outdoor Dog House With Balcony

Aivituvin Wooden Dog House

Multi-purpose Design

Your dog will love this covered and elevated house. It features a waterproof asphalt roof and extended small asphalt roof that brings exciting new options to sleep and play, and it offers weather protection. This double story dog house includes a lounging balcony, enclosed house area, and side stairs for comfortable living.

Aivituvin Wooden Dog House

Designed Like Playground

The premium designed of this multi-level dog house promotes your dog’s instinct to play and run around while it saves you from damaged furniture and flowers. It offers enough space to play and to relax. It is protected from the weather elements at all times so you can feel comfortable leaving it in the house at any time.

Durable Construction

This 2 story dog house is made of 100% solid fir wood and it is coated with water-based non-toxic paint to keep your pets safe. The entire house is eco-friendly and it will protect your dog for a long time. The quality craftsmanship is the main feature of this house. You can see it in a carefully designed balcony fence.

Aivituvin Wooden Dog House review

Raised Platform

This house has a raised floor so that the house is protected from the insects, other small animals and also helps to avoid trapped moisture under the structure. It is a great feature also to keep the airflow inside because the only opening is the door. The house is 29.9 inches long, 22.2 inches wide and 30.3 inches high. It can hold up a dog to 18 pounds.


  • Waterproof asphalt roof
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Covered lounge balcony
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Easy assembly

Top Two Story Dog House For Small Dogs

Giantex Pet Dog House

Solid And Sturdy Build

This 2 story dog house is made of solid fir wood and it is treated with natural color stains. Because of that, it provides a long-lasting using experience. It is coated with weather-resistant and water-based paint that is suitable even for outdoor use. This durable house ensures that your pet can hide inside while it’s raining and relax on the balcony on a sunny day.

Giantex Pet Dog House

Enough Activity Space

The Giantex Pet Dog House offers a lot of space for your dog to explore. It includes an indoor lounge area, climbable stairs and a rooftop balcony with railing. It allows your dog to relax in the sun, play, sleep and fully enjoy outdoor activities. It is a great house for your dog that it can use and enjoy for a long time.

Designed For Smaller Pets

This deluxe dog house with stairs, a raised roof, and the balcony provides a comfortable space for your dog. It can hold dogs up to 20 pounds. It is 29 inches long, 21 inches wide and 26 inches high. It also features a raised floor to keep the house dry from the wet floor if you keep the dog outside.

Giantex Pet Dog House review

Easy To Assemble

The Giantex pet dog house is easy to assemble. All the necessary hardware you need is provided in the package. It takes no more than 30 minutes to make everything fit together. It comes with an easy-to-read manual so you won’t have trouble along the way. It is designed to fit your surroundings but you can paint it and decorate it as you wish.


  • Made of solid fir wood
  • Waterproof coating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable balcony
  • Upgraded workmanship

Conclusion: Have You Decided On A Two Story Dog House?

The great thing about the two-floor dog house is that you can have more space for the dog without taking up much room. That is a good reason to get one of those. If I had to choose the best on the list that would be Boomer & George Beacon Dog House With Side Deck because of the extra room inside or Tangkula Pet Dog House because of the indoor/outdoor possibility.

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