Best 5 Wooden Dog Houses To Choose From In 2021 Reviews

Are you looking for a classic wooden dog house?

Wooden dog houses are the traditional option for a dog house. They are beautifully designed and can fit into any back yard decor. In this article, you can read about the important factors to choose wood houses and find out which are the best dog house made of wood.


Things To Know About Wooden Dog Houses

Type Of Wood

There are many types of wood that you can choose when building a dog house. Some woods are more durable and some need more insulation and protection. The best type of wood for a dog house is cedar. Those houses are a little bit more expensive, but there are more affordable types of wood that you can choose from like fir or pine.

Insulation Of The House

Wood is good for insulation but they tend to be thin so you would need more insulation and support to protect your dog from weather elements. The good insulation is the wood that is tongue and groove, a layer of styrofoam and a layer of thing covering material. How thick is insulation depends on the manufacturer. You can always make the insulation on your own with some blankets, cushions and other materials.

Elevated Floor

Another important feature is the elevated floor of the house. That is important because the enemy of the wood is humidity, mold, and insects. With the elevated floor, the wood is far away from the ground. That also gives additional air insulation for the floor. The cold ground is further away from the floor and your dog will be warmer and more comfortable inside the house.

Size Of The House

No matter the materials, you have to think about the size of the house. A too-small house will be tight for your dog and it will feel trapped inside. A too-big house is also not a great solution because dogs like to feel safe, and big space doesn’t give it that feeling. The perfect size of the house is where your dog can comfortably stan, lie down, stretch and turn around. It is about 25% larger than the dog.

Best 5 Wooden Dog Houses

Best Cedar Wood Dog House

Infinite Cedar The Ultimate Dog House

Attractive Design

This is a beautifully designed wooden house that looks like a traditional A-shaped dog house. It has an off-center door that allows your dog to have a private and dry corner where no rain can go inside. It comes in natural cedar wood color and a high-quality roof in black that provides ultimate protection from the rain and snow.

Infinite Cedar The Ultimate Dog House

Heavy And Sturdy Dog House

Cedar is the best wood for a dog house but it is heavy. This house weighs 108 pounds but that is only because it is made of thick premium quality cedar deck boards. Full wood construction makes it heavy to move around but it ensures stability during the harsh weather elements.

UV Protected Roof

To make sure that your dog has the best house possible, it needs more than regular panels to protect it. This roof is made of high-density plastic that is UV resistant. It ensures the long-lasting of the house and the manufacturer even guarantees 15 years for the roof. It is a dog house in the high price category but it is worth it.

Infinite Cedar The Ultimate Dog House review

Overall Dimensions

This cedar wood dog house can accommodate large dog breeds. There is only one size to choose from and it is 40 inches wide, 40 inches long and 37 inches high. It has a slightly elevated floor but it doesn’t have any additional insulation. If you want you can add cushions and blankets for more comfort.


  • Sturdy cedar wood construction
  • Heavy and durable dog house
  • UV protection of the roof
  • Offset doorway

Best Indoor Wooden Dog House

Lovupet Wooden Indoor Dog House

Portable Dog House

This is not just a house that you can use in one place. You can collapse it and take it with you no matter where you go. It can be moved around easily. It is lightweight and it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is a practical wooden dog house that you can adjust to your needs.

Lovupet Wooden Indoor Dog House

Unique Design

This house has a rectangle shape. It comes in natural wood color. The front side of the house is made with dark wooden bars and the door with wooden bars. You can use it outside, but because of the large open area, it is not suitable for the bad weather. It has an elevated floor and fixed legs.

Assembly In Seconds

This is one of the rare houses that come in one piece. It is made so that you can fold it and store it as necessary. No tools are required to make it into the house once you want to use it. All you have to do is stretch the sides and fixe it in place.

Lovupet Wooden Indoor Dog House review

Multiple Uses

This wooden dog house is sturdy and it can hold dogs up to 45 pounds. If your dog is not using it you can use it as storage space and because of the flat roof, you can always use it as a table. It is a great dog house that can add to your interior design.

Dimensions And The Size

The Lovupet dog house comes in three different sizes. You can choose from small, medium and large dog houses. The largest size is 39.6 inches long, 24 inches wide and 28 inches high. It can accommodate small and medium-size dog breeds. It is a perfect choice for the dog sleeping area inside your house.


  • Portable dog house
  • Attractive design
  • Multiple purposes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for small and medium dogs

Best Large Wooden Dog House

Petsfit Dog House

Great Craftsmanship

This is an elevated dog house that offers a safe and dry place for your dog to rest. It also features a roof that can be opened and stay open thanks to the two locking arms. It also has an offset door and your dog has a private corner inside.

Petsfit Wooden Outdoor Dog House

House For Large Dogs

You can get this house in three different sizes. The choice is between small, medium and large. The largest dog house is 45.6 inches long, 30.9 inches wide and 32.1 inches high. It is comfortable for a medium and large dog breeds and it can hold weight from 45 pounds to 85 pounds.

Pre-drilled Holes

You will need a few minutes to put this dog house together but every panel comes with the pre-drilled holes. Those are clear and simple instructions of where everything goes and you shouldn’t have any trouble assembling it. It is a practical wooden dog house that you can move around easily.

Petsfit Wooden Outdoor Dog House review

Weatherproof Construction

This wooden dog house is a great choice for any weather conditions. The roof is covered with the asphalt which is durable and waterproof. It will keep the house dry and safe for your dog. For additional protection, you can install a flap vinyl door to keep the rain out of the house.

Color Design

This house comes in three color options. You can choose from gray, red or yellow and white color combinations. Each one of them compliments the wood nicely and will fit into your backyard. Because this is a house without the built-in insulation you can get the insulation kit to make it suitable for all weather conditions.


  • A roof that can be opened
  • Removable floor
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Weatherproof construction

Best Small Wooden Dog House

Confidence Pet Wooden Dog House

Luxury Dog House

This is a great option for small dog breeds. It offers a covered house area for your furry friend to hide from the rain and bad weather. But it also offers a great upper deck at the top of the house. With only three steps your dog can enjoy a private balcony to relax.

Confidence Pet Wooden Dog House

Quality Materials

The Confidence Pet wooden dog house is made of quality grade wood. It is solidly built and to make it more stable it is connected with steel hardware. It has an elevated floor to keep the mold far away from the wood and to keep the floor dry for your dog to stay warm.

Dimensions And Size

This wooden dog house is small in size and it can accommodate small dog breeds. It is 20 inches wide, 20 inches long and 18 inches high. The entrance is 8.5 inches wide and 6.7 inches high. There is enough room on the balcony because it is 20 inches wide, 20 inches long and it has a fence that is 5.5 inches high.

Confidence Pet Wooden Dog House review

Overall Design

This house comes in natural wood color and it is protected with the water-based paint that is not harmful to the animals. It also protects from the weather elements. You can even color it in the color you like over time. It doesn’t come with the door and there is no official door that you can get for this house but you can make it by yourself if you want to.


  • Suitable for small dogs
  • Quality wood construction
  • Features a balcony at the top of the house

Best Insulated Wooden Dog House With Porch

Boomer & George Wooden Barn Dog House

Durable Construction

This beautifully constructed wooden dog house is made of solid fir wood. It is made to last for many years. It is well insulated and built to withstand humidity and even extreme temperatures. The wood is a natural insulator and because of the quality used in this house, it is two to five times higher than other materials.

Boomer & George Wooden Barn Dog House

Raised Floor

This house is large but it has an elevated floor for the house and the porch in front of it. Because wood is sensitive to humidity, mold, and insects, the raised floor is a great protective feature. It also provides additional insulation to keep the floor warm and cozy for the dog.

Ventilation Features

This house has two see-through windows on the side of the house to provide the fresh airflow throughout the house. The windows are also there so that your dog can see what is going on outside the house. For additional ventilation, the entrance is open and there is no closed door.

Boomer & George Wooden Barn Dog House review

Easy Cleaning

Because it is completely covered, this house can be tricky to clean. That is why you can remove the roof and the floor panels to make it easier. The porch roof is not removable so it offers constant shade for your dog to relax and to be protected from the weather.

Product Dimensions

This Boomer & George wooden barn dog house is made to accommodate large dog breeds. It is 47 inches long, 39 inches wide and 35 inches high. The door is 16 inches wide and 21 inches high. The porch is almost the same size as the house and it is 29 inches wide, 39 inches long and 33 inches high.


  • Firwood construction
  • Raised floor
  • Open side windows
  • Cozy wood house with the covered porch

Conclusion: Which Wooden Dog House Is The Best For Your Dog?

The dog houses made out of wood are the classic option. It will fit nicely into any back yard and your dog will love it. The best wooden dog house for sale from this list is Infinite Cedar The Ultimate Dog House because of the quality wood choice. The second best thing is Boomer & George Wooden Barn Dog House because of the covered porch.

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