Best 5 Outdoor Dog Houses For Sale In 2021 Reviews + Guide

Does your dog like to spend time outdoors?

Then you need to get an outdoor dog house. Many dogs prefer to run around the yard but they do need a place to rest. Everything you need to know about outside dog houses and which one is the best is in the article below. So, let’s get to it!


Buying Guide For Outside Dog Shelter

Reasons To Buy A Dog House

Even if you have an indoor dog that goes outside only when you let it, you should consider buying a dog house. It is a safe place where it can rest and where nobody would bother it. Your dog can spend the day outdoors and rest without troubling you to get inside all the time. It is also a safe place in case your dog lives outdoor. It protects from the weather elements and it keeps it dry and healthy.

Types Of Outdoor Dog Houses

In today’s market, there is a lot of designs and models of the backyard dog houses. But materials stay the same. The most traditional one is the dog house made of wood. It is sturdy, beautiful and warmer than other materials. The plastic dog houses are the cheapest options and they are lightweight and portable. Another option is a metal dog house. It is mostly used for training but it is not a good option for outside protection.

Size Of The Dog House

The size of your dog is an essential parameter in choosing the right dog house. The first thing you have to do is measure the dog and compare it to the measurements of the house. The general rule is that the dog house needs to be 25% larger than the dog, or about 4 inches wider, longer and higher than the dog. Your dog needs to stand freely, turn around, sit, lie down, and stretch without any problem.

Climate Conditions

If you live in a climate with warm summers and not so cold winters you can get the dog house that has regular walls and door flap. In case you live in a hot or cold climate you should consider getting the dog house that is insulated to keep your dog cool and warm as needed. Ventilation is tightly connected to this because no matter the climate the fresh air needs to flow through the house.

Portability And Assembly

Another thing you should consider is, do you travel a lot with your dog and does this house needs to be portable? If you want a dog house that will stay in the back yard forever you can get yourself a large one that needs some time to assemble. You are not going to move it and it is good that it is heavy. If you need to take the house with you, the plastic option is a good choice, because it is lightweight and usually you just need to snap pieces together.

Best 5 Outdoor Dog Houses

Best Plastic Outdoor Dog House

Confidence Pet Plastic Outdoor Dog House

Materials And Design

This outdoor dog house is made of durable plastic suitable for all weather conditions. It has a slightly raised floor but it is not elevated. It comes in white color with a blue roof and a black floor. It will a great addition to any back yard or patio and your dog will love it.

Confidence Pet Plastic Outdoor Dog House

Size And Dimensions

This plastic dog houses outside comes in three different sizes. You can choose from the medium, large and extra-large dog houses. The largest house is 41.3 inches long, 38 inches wide and 38.8 inches high. The entrance size is 14 inches wide and 24.4 inches high. It is a great option for medium and large dog breeds.

Ventilation System

The important part of any dog house but especially the plastic one is that it has a proper ventilation system. This one has a large door opening and that is a perfect setting for the hot summer day in the shade. It also features small ventilation opening above the door in case you put a door on the entrance.

Confidence Pet Plastic Outdoor Dog House review

Easy To Clean

Because of the plastic materials, this dog house is easy to clean. All you have to do is pour water and let it air dry. All pieces are snapped together so you can easily disassemble them and clean everything individually. It is even a good option if you want to carry it with you.


  • Large interior space
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Suitable for large dog breeds

Best Insulated Outdoor Dog House

Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House

Medium-sized Dog House

This is one of the best outside dog houses for any weather conditions. It can accommodate small and medium dog breeds and it can hold up to 35 pounds of weight. It is 25 inches wide, 29 inches deep and 25 1/4 inches high. The door is 9 inches wide and 12 inches high.

Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House

Build Materials

To make the house more durable, the manufacturer developed PanelAbode Laminated Engineered Panel System With simulated rough-sawn cedar finish. This makes the house more durable and more stable, unlike traditional wooden houses. It is even more dent, warp, insect, and scratch-resistant. With this house the maintenance is minimal and it is easy to assemble.

Superior Insulation

This insulated outdoor dog house features one of a kind insulation technology. It features true foam insulation which is up to 1 1/2 inches thick. Unlike some other dog houses on the market, this one has an insulated floor, roof, and all four panels. It is a great option if you live in a changeable climate.

Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House review

Premium All-weather Dog Door

Most of the doors on outside insulated dog houses are not fixed to the fame so there is always a draft in the house. This door has a powder-coated aluminum frame that will not crack, rust or warp. It features rigid, high-impact, shatter-resistant clear Plexiglas panel that provides strong protection but still lets the light in. It has a two-way closing hinge mechanism and security lock. Panels are snug fitting for superior draft-proofing.


  • Panel Abode engineered system
  • Advanced insulation
  • The slide lock on the removable roof
  • Raised feet
  • All-weather door protection

Best Cheap Outside Dog House

Trixie Pet Products Rustic Dog House

Waterproof Construction

This beautiful dog house is made of solid pine wood with tongue and groove technique. It is entirely waterproof and suitable for any outdoor weather conditions. If you want a good quality house but you are not ready to give a lot of money for it, this is the right choice for you.

Trixie Pet Products Rustic Dog House

Raised Floor

To keep the moisture and mold away from the house, this dog house has an elevated floor. Another good thing about this kind of floor is that it keeps the dirt and rain out of the house. It also offers better insulation from the bottom of the house and your dog is not lying on the cold ground. The floor can be removed for easy cleaning.

Opening Roof

For easier cleaning and so that you can check what is happening with your dog, you can open the roof completely because it is using a locking arm. It is a practical option to have. Another great thing is that you can place this house on an uneven surface because it has adjustable legs.

Trixie Pet Products Rustic Dog House review

Medium Size House

This cheap outdoor dog house is made to fit small to medium size dogs up to 45 pounds. It comes in two sizes and the larger one is 51 inches long, 41.25 inches wide and 39.25 inches high. Your dog will have enough space in a covered area as well in the open shaded area.

Dog House With The Porch

This house will nicely fit into any back yard. It offers a closed area for your dog to stay protected and safe during the bad weather. In front of the house is covered small porch so your dog has a nice shade to relax. The house doesn’t come with the door but you can get it separately.


  • Wheater proof house
  • Removable floor
  • The roof can be opened

Best Outdoor Dog House With Fence

Liweibao-Home Dog House

Simple And Beautiful Dog House

This outdoor dog house with a fence is a perfect pet house. It is big but it beautifully integrates with any garden. Your dog has a big house to protect it from the weather and a private yard where it can play and rest. It offers a warm home and a great addition to your back yard.

Liweibao-Home Dog House

Easy To Assemble

Although this outside dog shelter is quite big and with lots of parts it is easy to assemble. You will need around 45 minutes to assembly everything. All required accessories and tools are included in the package so you just need to put it all together. It can be a great project for the entire family.

Durable And Safety Structure

This dog house is made of solid fir wood which is high-quality and durable. It can serve your dog for many years. To make it, even more, protected the exterior of the house is coated with water-based and non-toxic paint that protects the wood and it is not harmful to your pets.

Liweibao-Home Dog House review

Overall Design

The house has a slanted roof that is perfect for drainage against rain. It has two windows on each side and a door in the front. The fence features the steel bars for extra protection and the big door in the front that can be locked. It comes in a stained natural wood color.

Dimension And Size

This backyard dog house comes in four different sizes. You can choose from the large which is 39.4 inches long, 30.7 inches wide and 34.6 inches high. Other options are Xlarge, XXlarge, and XXXlarge which is 54.3 inches long, 43.3 inches wide and 43.3 inches high. It can fit most dog sizes and even a couple of different kinds of small pets.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Multiple sizes options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather-resistant

Best Outdoor Dog House With Porch

PawHut Wooden Large Dog House

Cabin Style Dog House

This is an elevated dog house build in the cabin style. It is an outdoor dog house with a porch that has fun and rustic elements. It will be a great addition to any back yard, garden or patio. It is designed with two separate living spaces and it is perfect for small and medium dogs.

PawHut Wooden Large Dog House

Durable And Stable Construction

This outside dog shelter is made of solid fir wood and it is high-quality. It is stable and durable made to last a long time. The entire house has a coating of water-based and non-toxic paint to give it extra protection from the outdoor elements. To make the cleaning easy it features a built-in bottom tray that can slide out.

Spacious Porch

What makes this house special is the spacious porch in the front. It is a perfect place for your dog to sleep, relax and take a nap on a sunny day. For additional comfort, you can add mats, cushions or a bed to make it more soft and enjoyable for your dog.

PawHut Wooden Large Dog House review

All-Weather Protection

The house has an asphalt roof which is a perfect option for the dog houses that need to be waterproof. It will protect your dog from any weather elements. Additionally, this dog house also comes with two sets of vinyl flap doors for protection from the wind but also it provides better airflow.

Design Features

This backyard dog house is elegantly designed. It comes in natural wood color with black trims and other details. The fence around the porch also comes in black details with a combination of the natural wood. It has a country feel to it and it will nicely fit in any back yard.


  • Rustic design
  • Elevated Floor
  • Comes with vinyl doors
  • Large porch in front

Conclusion: Which Outdoor Dog House Is The Right For Your Dog?

Your dog needs the best possible protection when it spends time outdoors. That is why you should pick the best outside dog house you can find. And the best one on this list is Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House because of the insulation in all the panels or you can go with PawHut Wooden Large Dog House which has a large porch in front so your dog can comfortably rest.

If you want to learn more about this subject, here is an article about awesome dog houses. You can also take a look at the post about cheap dog houses for sale or feel free to read a review of the best small wooden dog house.