Best 5 Dog Houses With Doors On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Do you need a dog house with a door?

Having a door on the dog house has many beneficial features but it all depends on the style and the materials. What are those features and how to choose the best dog house and the best door, find out in this article.


Things To Know About Dog Houses With Door

Type Of The Door

The dog houses come with all kinds of doors. The most common are flap vinyl doors. They are easily attached and dogs get used to them quickly. It is easy to maintain them but they are not the best protection from the wind and other weather elements. Another option is wire door which is usually lockable, but a lot of drafts are coming through. The third option is solid plastic, Plexiglas, or wooden doors.

Type Of The House

The great thing about dog houses is that you customize the door on the house as you like. Most of the dog houses are wooden or plastic and you can easily attach the door to them. You can choose from vinyl, wire, wooden or solid Plexiglas. These doors are easily attachable and removable as needed.

Size Of The Entrance

The important feature you have to look for is the size of the house. You want your dog to feel comfortable while inside. But to get inside it needs to go through the entrance. There are a lot of dog houses out there that have too small entrance and pets feel claustrophobic while inside. The entrance needs to be big enough so that your dog can comfortably go through and look outside while standing.

Indoor Or Outdoor Dog House

Another important thing is to decide do you want your house to be used indoor or outdoor. If you are using the dog house outdoor, the door is an important feature because it protects the inside of the house from all the weather elements. If you are using the house indoor, the door is not that important unless you want to keep your dog inside the dog house for some time.

Best 5 Dog Houses With Doors

Best Plastic Dog House With Door

Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door

Outdoor Dog House

This house is made to be used outdoors. It features strong and durable construction and it can hold pets up to 70 pounds. It is an attractive dog house that can withstand all kinds of weather elements. Your dog can have a perfect shelter and this house will fit nicely into any backyard.

Suncast DH250 Deluxe Dog House

Durable Construction

This house is made of heavy-duty resin. It is made for protection for your dog from weather elements. It also has a crowned floor which ensures that the inside is protected from the rain and dirt. It has a waterproof roof and a vent opening on the back panel for fresh air circulation. You can also stake it to the ground.

Hassle-Free Assembly

To assembly this dog house you don’t need and tools. All the panels are easy to attach and all you have to do is snap them together. You snap the panels to the base and add the roof. The house will be ready to use in just a few minutes so your dog can use it right away.

Suncast DH250 Deluxe Dog House review

Good-looking Design

The house comes in one color. It is a cream color base and an olive green roof. It will complement any back yard, patio or deck. This material and the paint won’t rust and it will not rot. It will also not decay. Because of all these features, it can last you a long time.

Size Of The House

This house is made to accommodate medium and large dog breeds. It is 35 inches long, 27 inches wide and 29.5 inches tall. This dog house comes with the included door. The door is flap vinyl and it is 11.75 inches wide and 20.5 inches high. It provides additional security and insulation for your dog.


  • Removable roof for easy cleaning
  • Vents to improve circulation
  • Durable resin construction
  • Snap-together assembly

Best Indoor Dog House With Door

Unipaws Dog House

Durable Medium Dog House

This is a dog house designed with metal enclosure bars so it can survive any chewing dog. It is a perfect option for small and medium dogs. It has enough space for your dog to walk around and it offers comfortable shelter that you can put in any room in the house.

Unipaws Dog Crate End Table

Elegant And Dual Purpose

This is a dog house that you can use as a side table or nightstand. It is a great way to use this multi-purpose dog house. It can decorate your home and it can provide great dog home. It has a double door so you can turn it and place it as you like. Both doors are lockable.

Wide Top Surface

This durable dog house is made of wood and it has a flat roof. That is a great thing because you get a wide surface area where you can keep your books, magazines, plants and other things. This dog house can support a weight of 125 pounds on the surface.

Unipaws Dog Crate End Table review

Double Door And Cushion Included

Like it was mentioned before, this dog house comes with two doors. They are connected to the corner so you can turn it and place it as you like. The doors are 20 inches wide and 22 inches high. There is also a cushion included in the package. It makes sleeping are more comfortable and you can remove it for easy cleaning.

Ventilation And Full View

With this dog house, you don’t have to worry about ventilation and the fresh air inside the dog house. It is completely open with the bars and it has two solid panels that offer a private corner for your dog to rest. This type of house is great because you have a full view of your dog and your dog can clearly see outside the house.


  • Durable structure
  • Multi-purpose dog house
  • The full view around the house
  • Cushion included
  • Wide top surface

Best Insulated Dog House With Door

Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House

Insulation And Air Conditions

This dog house features one of the best insulations on the market. It has a thick layer of foam on other insulation materials. In this house, the panels, roof, and floor are fully insulated. It also features a vented ridge cap that provides the option to ventilate the house when needed.

Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House

Advanced Door

Unlike other dog houses on the market, this one has an advance designed door. It is made of plexiglass that is resistible to the weather elements more than other materials. It can be almost completely shut so that minimal draft can go inside. It is a see-through door and can be opened with a soft push.

Easy Setup

To assemble this dog house it will take you about 20 minutes. All the materials are pre-painted with the pet-friendly and non-toxic paint. You will need basic tools and follow simple instructions. It is a large dog house but it will be ready to use in just a few minutes.

Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House review

All-weather Protection

The house has the proper insulation to keep the inside warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also features a sloped roof that is made of asphalt panels. It won’t keep the snow on it because it will fall right off. It is water-proof and it offers durable shelter for your furry friends.

Elevated Ground And Removable Roof

This insulated dog house is a great option for outdoor. It has an elevated floor that adds an additional layer of air insulation from the ground to the floor of the house. It also helps to keep the dirt, rain and the leaves from getting into the house.


  • Proper insulation
  • Great PlexiDor door
  • Easy to clean

Best Outdoor Dog House With Door

Pet Squeak Dog House

Product Dimensions

This dog house comes in three different sizes. You can choose from the small, medium or large size. The medium size of the house is 31 3/4 inches long, 30 1/2 inches wide and 26 inches high. It has a large door opening that is 12 3/4 inches high and 9 /2 inches wide.

Pet Squeak Dog House

Build Materials

This house is made to be affordable, durable, and easy to assemble. It is constructed from the primary wood that is commonly referred to as ”white cedar” or ”stained whitewood”. It is coated with weather protective paint and it is pets resistance so it will provide good and quality shelter for your dog.

Easy To Assemble

This house comes in many separate parts but it is quite easy to assemble. It will take you no more than 30 minutes. to put it all together. It is also practical and easy to clean. You can remove the roof and floor panels easily and clean it when needed.

Pet Squeak Dog House review

Raised Floor Design

This dog house has a small porch in front of the house. The wooden door separates the inside of the house and the porch. The entire house is elevated from the ground so that the inside floor has a warmer feeling because of the insulation and the porch doesn’t get mold and mildew.

Ventilation System

This wooden dog house features a water-proof coating and the roof. To make sure that enough fresh air gets inside, there is a window on one side of the house and there are steel bars on the upper side of the door. The bottom half is solid and it can be opened with a gentle push.


  • Easy assembly
  • Natural weather-resistant paint
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Raised floor
  • Porch in the front

Best Wooden Dog House With Locking Door

JTKDL Pet Wooden Dog House

Unique Design

This is a beautifully designed big wooden dog house that will compliment any back yard. It is a perfect spot for your dog to relax and play. It is a warm pet home where your dog will love to spend time and it can be a great conversation piece in your garden.

JTKDL Pet Wooden Dog House

Elevated House

The JTKDL Pet Wooden Dog House stands on the four legs, which means that it has raised floor. It is made like that to prevent moisture and cold from entering the floor in the house. You can make even more protection by adding the cushions and blankets on the floor.

Wood Material

This house is made of solid fir wood. It is a solid construction that is durable and weather-resistant. It has a coating of water-based paint that will protect the wood and the dog inside. The roof is made of asphalt panels and it is entirely sealed. There is one window on the side for ventilation.

JTKDL Pet Wooden Dog House review

Quick Assembly

This house is easy to assemble. All the required tools and accessories are included in the package. It will take you just a few minutes to put it all together and it will be ready to use. The legs are adjustable so you can adjust the level of the legs on uneven surfaces.

Product Dimensions

This house is suitable for small and medium dogs. It is 21.7 inches long, 25.6 inches wide and 21.7 inches high. It also features a wooden try underneath so you can pull it out and make it into a sloped deck in front of the house. It is a comfortable dog house with a lockable door.


  • Comfortable dog house
  • Raised floor
  • Pull-out deck
  • Lockable door

Conclusion: Which Dog House With Door Will You Choose?

The door on the dog house is an important feature because it protects from the weather elements. If you want the best option for your dog you can choose the Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House because of the PlexDor Door. You can also go with the JTKDL Pet Wooden Dog House because of the solid wood construction.

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