Top 5 Whimsical Style Dog Houses On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Does your dog have a special place in your heart?

Then it surely deserves a special house. The classic dog houses everybody has. But if you are looking something with a few quirkiness in the design, keep reading. I bring you the best whimsical dog houses on the market along with the small buying guide.


Things To Consider When Buying A Whimsical Dog House

Size Of The House

No matter the style you need your dog to fit into the house and you want it to be comfortable while inside. Measure your dog twice if needed and pay attention to the dimensions of the houses. Some of them have a crooked roof, or weird design so you have to take into consideration the sizes of all the walls and roofs.

Where Are You Going To Use It?

You have to decide where are you going to put your dog house. The whimsical dog houses can be easier to make from the soft materials so most of them are for indoor use. Take a good look at the specifications and pay attention to the materials that they are made of, are they waterproof and is any kind of insulation provided.

Types Of Whimsical Dog Houses

When it comes to the funky and weird styles of dog houses only the imagination is the limit. You can choose a normal wooden house with a crooked roof, or house that looks like a barn, or even something like a small igloo bed shaped like a strawberry. There are lots of options out there and it is all up to the price and your taste.

Materials Used To Make Dog Houses

Make sure that you have a quality build house. Just because it is weir looking doesn’t mean it should be cheaply made. Make sure that wood is solid and durable, the plastic houses need to endure the size of the dog, and sewn materials need to hold the weight and it would be good if they cannot be destroyed with one bite of your dog.

Top 5 Whimsical Style Dog Houses

Top Wooden Whimsical Dog House

Innovation Pet Dog House

Product Materials

This is a great whimsical dog house made from solid wood and stainless steel hardware. It is durable and suitable to be used outside. It has a pointy roof so rain and the snow shouldn’t be a problem for this house. It offers great protection for your dog in any weather conditions.

Innovation Pet Dog House

Unusual Design

At first sight, you would think it is a perfectly normal house. But it has small things that make it unusual. it has a pointy dark brown roof. The base and the walls are mixed with grey and light grey wooden sticks. One side of the house is a little bit higher but the front and back fit perfectly. To add a bit of color, the door frame is painted in rust red.

Dimensions Of The Hosue

This dog house is suitable for small and medium dogs. It is 36 inches long, 30 inches wide and 43 inches high. It weighs about 39 pounds. It is easy to assemble this house using just a screwdriver. You can easily move it around and place it where it fits your back yard best.

Innovation Pet Dog House review

Conversation Piece

Maybe your dog won’t get your excitement when you assemble this house, but it sure will be the conversation piece whenever you have your friends over. It is a funny-looking house especially if you have kids and it will make your back yard or patio stand out for sure.


  • Solid wood build
  • Unique Style
  • Can be used inside and outside

Top Portable Whimsical Dog House

Penn-Plax Portable Soft Dog House

Easy Assemble Dog House

This is a soft dog house suitable for indoor use. It can be taken up and down very easily. It has a zip that connects the base and the roof. It takes a few seconds and your house is ready to be used. This house is a great choice for travel because it doesn’t take up much space and it is simple to carry because of the handle and lightweight.

Penn-Plax Portable Soft Dog House

Practical Design

The Penn-plex dog house is made of sturdy but soft poly-cotton felt. It is strong enough so that it can hold your pet but it is soft for its comfort. The base comes in lime green color with black trim, and the roof is brown and wavy with the handle for easy transportation.

House Dimensions

This whimsical dog house is suitable for small dogs, puppies, and cats. It measures 17 inches wide by 15.5 inches high and by 14 inches deep. It is small but practical. It also comes with the tote bag so you can store it when not in use. For more comfort, you can add a blanket inside.

Penn-Plax Portable Soft Dog House review

Fold & Go Pet House

Penn Plex has a whole line of soft and portable houses. Each one of them comes in slightly different shapes and in different colors. You can choose from blue, khaki, red or grey. All of them are easy to assemble with only zip that connects the roof and the base. Your pets are going to love this house.


  • Easy set up in few seconds
  • Comes with the travel tote bag
  • Suitable for small dogs
  • Indoor use only

Top Whimsical Dog House For Small Dogs

Upcycled Emporium Unique Pet Home

Unique Design

If you are looking for the most unique house on the market than the Upcycled Emporium Unique Pet Home is the one. Your pets deserve a private space and it is only fair to make that space as special as possible. This barnyard dog home is a perfect combination of style and utility.

Upcycled Emporium Unique Pet Home

Upcycled Dog Home

This is a special house mainly because of the materials that it is made of. It is attractive and it is durable so that it can hold up most of the weather conditions. It is made from recycled steel drums and no two pieces are the same. It will definitely leave an impact as a whimsical dog house, environmentally friendly and most importantly functional.

House Size And Dimensions

This house is not suitable for big dogs. The dimensions of 22.8 inches wide, 26.5 inches high and 25.7 inches deep makes it perfect for small dogs like a poodle or Jack Russel. It has a slightly raised floor so you can put it on the grass and it won’t be damaged. To provide more comfort you can add a cushion or a blanket inside.

Upcycled Emporium Unique Pet Home review

One Of A Kind House

Because the manufacturer makes each of their product from the different materials that can be found, each house ends up being different. That is the beauty of recycling and upcycling. No one will end up with exactly the same product and it is helpful to the environment. These high-quality and ethical products can express your whimsical side like no other.


  • All materials are recycled
  • Suitable for small dogs
  • Can be used outside
  • Comes in colorful design

Top Indoor Whimsical Dog House

Spring Fever Small Strawberry Dog Indoor House

Eco-Friendly Materials

This dog house is made of 100% non-toxic materials. That means that the materials don’t produce a strong odor. It doesn’t contain PVC or softeners so your pet can breathe safely. The painting process included in making this house makes it breathable, healthy and environmentally friendly so your dog can enjoy being inside and relaxing.

Spring Fever Small Strawberry Dog Indoor House

Practical And Adorable Design 

This Indoor whimsical house comes in the shape of a strawberry. You can pick it up and move it around as you need it. It has an antiskid bottom so that your pet is more stable when moving inside. It is a half-closed design so that your pat has a sense of safety and privacy inside. It is great for cars, couches, beds, floors or even a balcony on nice weather.

All Season Use

Because of the eco-friendly materials, it features strong breathability. It is luxurious and durable and it brings a comfortable temperature to your dog that is suitable for summer, spring, winter, and fall. You can remove the mat from inside for easy cleaning. The whole house is washable so you can easily keep it clean.

Spring Fever Small Strawberry Dog Indoor House review

Size And Dimensions

The Spring Fever Small Strawberry Dog Indoor House is not made to accommodate big dogs. it comes in 5 different sizes. XSmall for pets up to 0.4 pounds, Small for up to 0.51 pounds, Medium for up to 0.71 pounds, Large for up to 0.93 pounds and XLarge for the pets up to 1.21 pounds. It is light and portable and your pets will enjoy it very much.


  • Soft indoor dog house
  • Antiskid bottom
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Practical design
  • Suitable for all seasons

Top Outdoor Whimsical Dog House


Heavy-Duty Dog House

This is a strong and durable igloo style dog house that is a perfect option for outdoor use. It is big enough to accommodate large breeds and it will provide great insulation in hot and cold weather. It has an offset doorway that protects the pet from the rain and ventilation on the roof.

Petmate Indigo Dog House

Big House For Big Dogs

This whimsical dog house comes in three different sizes: medium, large and Xlarge. The Xlarge version is 51.5 inches long, 39.3 inches wide and 30 inches high. It can hold dogs from 90 to 125 pounds. The medium version is suitable for dogs from 50 to 90 pounds and a small one is for the pets from 25 to 50 pounds.

Materials And Design

The house is made of plastic but with raised floor and side moats. It features Microban Antimicrobial protection that prevents the growth of stains and odor-causing bacterias. It comes in only one color – black floor and white top. It looks like a real igloo in a smaller version. For extra comfort, you can put the Petmate door and cushion inside.

Petmate Indigo Dog House review

Vent System 

Because of the heavy-duty materials and offset doorway it is necessary that your pet has a proper airflow inside. That is why the door opening is big and it features a ventilation system on the roof. The constant fresh air circulation inside keeps the house enjoyable and comfortable inside.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Offset doorway
  • Roof ventilation
  • Microban antimicrobial protection
  • All-weather protection

Conclusion: Which Whimsical Dog House Is Your Favorite?

Dog houses don’t have to be boring and uniformed. That is why you can find a lot of fun designs on the market and choose your own style. One of the best ones has to be Upcycled Emporium Unique Pet Home because it is durable and made of recycled materials. The second one is Petmate INDIGO W/MICROBAN because it has antimicrobial protection and it is easy to maintain.

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