Top 5 Pink Dog Houses For You To Choose From In 2021 Reviews

Are you looking for a ladylike dog house?

Then you need a pink dog house. In this article, you can read all about princess dog houses. They are perfect for your female dogs but durable and quality made. You will find the list of the best pink dog houses on the market and key features to look for when buying one.


Things To Know Before Buying A Pink Dog House?

What Size Is Right For Your Dog?

The size of the dog house is the most important feature you have to consider before deciding on the house. It is recommended that you buy a dog house in which your dog can stand up straight, stretch, move around and lie down. To make the right decision you have to measure your dog. You have to measure the length which is the length from the top of the nose to the base of the tail. Measure the height and measure the shoulders and chest.

Where To Place The Dog House?

Some houses are made to be used outdoors. But don’t make a mistake and put it under direct sunlight. The inside of the hose will heat up quickly and it will be impossible for your dog to stay inside. Place the house where it still can get a little bit of sun but also shade. Make sure that there is a breeze passing through and that door is protected from the strong wind. The indoor houses are easier to place because all you have to think about is that it is not in a passing way.

What Materials Are Durable?

When it comes to outdoor houses you have to look for good insulation and no humidity inside. The house must be breathable. That is why wood and plastic are the best choices. The wood can be protected with non-toxic paint to make it weatherproof. The plastic houses are more durable and easier to clean. The indoor houses are made of different kinds of fabric so you can easily wash it in the machine to keep it clean.

Types Of Dog Houses

When it comes to the types of dog houses there are endless choices on the market. You can choose from the classic A-shape wooden house, plastic igloo style, tent, tepee or some other type. It all comes down to your preference and the decor you are trying to add to. Indoor soft houses can come in even more design choices such as pink color combinations.

Top 5 Pink Dog Houses

Top Pink Indoor Dog House

Tristar Products-us Craft Wood Dog House

Easy To Assemble

This princess dog house is really easy to assemble. It comes in panel parts and all you have to do is snap altogether. It will take you no more than five minutes to make it all work because it all fits together like pieces of a puzzle. It is a great project even for your kids.

Tristar Products-us Craft Wood Dog House

Size And Dimensions

This small dog house is 19 inches high, 18 inches long and 15 inches wide. It is not a big and spacious house but it will be more than comfortable for a small princess or a puppy. It is a cute little house that you can place anywhere in your house and it won’t take up much space.

Design Features

This is a classic A-shape dog house. It features two windows on the sides for better visibility and airflow. It also features a small opening under the roof in the shape of a bone. The door is removable. It is a wire door that you can unscrew and remove them completely if you don’t need them. It comes in two colors – pink and blue.

Tristar Products-us Craft Wood Dog House review

Easy To Clean

All you have to do to keep this pink dog house clean is to wipe any mess with the wet cloth. And that is it. It is easy to maintain which is a great feature. This dog house comes with a bed mat which is also in pink color and you can machine wash it when needed.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Assemble in a few minutes
  • Comes in two colors
  • Suitable for small dogs and puppies

Top Pink Dog House Bed

Princess Pink Pet Dog Handmade Bed House

Sweet Design

This is a cute princess bed house. It is for indoor use only and it will fit perfectly in your bedroom. It is made out of cotton which makes it soft and comfortable. It is covered from above and it also features large drapes and fabric fence so that your dog can curl up inside and feel safe and protected.

Princess Pink Pet Dog Handmade Bed House

Easy To Wash

Because it is made of cotton you can easily wash it but only by hand. The big bed cushion and small candy cushion you can detach and machine wash on the gentle cycle. It is practical to use and to move around because it is lightweight. It doesn’t have an anti-slippery bottom.

Size And Dimensions

This pink dog house bed comes in three different sizes. You can choose from small, medium and large sizes depending on the size of your pet. The largest dog house bed is 27.5 inches long, 19.7 inches wide and 27.5 inches high. It is suitable for small dogs and puppies.

Princess Pink Pet Dog Handmade Bed House review

Assembly Process

It is quite easy to assemble this house. You get the separate parts and you have to attach them but no tool is required. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to finish the process. Like it was mentioned before, you get with it also a small candy cushion that serves as a decoration.


  • Cute princess design
  • Comfortable bed
  • Detachable cushion
  • Multi-sizes options

Top Portable Pink Dog House

Pet Life Capacious Dual-Expandable Dog House

Expandable Dog House

This spacious house almost triples in floor space when you simply zip open the sides. They already have inner foamed and polyfill cushions built-in the sides and on the main floor. When you expend it is already soft and comfortable for your pet to use it. You can always add more cushions and toys inside.

Pet Life Capacious Dual-Expandable Dog House

Perfect Travel House

It folds down in seconds and you can assemble it even quicker. It is a perfect option to travel with. Your fog will be comfortable inside and you can use it as a house no matter where you go because it can be used even outdoors. The expandable sides give your pet more room.

Overall Design

This house is made of heavy-duty Ballistic Nylon and meshes bendable but very sturdy built-in extenders that are connected with velcro and zippers. It features spacious frontal breathable mesh entrance that can be rolled up which is great for added sunlight, visibility, and exposure. It also features dual reinforced stitching for durability.

Pet Life Capacious Dual-Expandable Dog House review

Dimensions And Size

This pink portable dog house comes in 5 different sizes. You can choose from Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large, and Xlarge. You can also choose from multiple colors like pink, blue, gray and yellow. The largest dog house is 35.5 inches long, 24.8 inches wide and 24.8 inches high and the smallest one is 19.3 inches long, 13.3 inches wide and 13.4 inches high. Those are the measurements without the expansion.


  • Expands on both sides
  • Mesh window entrance
  • Velcro pockets attached
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Reinforced stitching

Top Outdoor Pink Dog House

MOM Pet Supplies Outdoor Dog House

Build Materials

This is a princess castle dog house. It is made of environmental PVC material that is durable and waterproof. Because of that, it is easy to clean it and it can be used in any season. The board is 10mm thick so it is safe for your dog to be inside and feel safe and protected under any conditions.

MOM Pet Supplies Outdoor Dog House

Large And Breathable

This house has two large openings. The first one is the front door and the second one is the side window/door. It gives the dog good ventilation and keeps the fresh air flowing inside. Because the door is of the center there is a small protected area where weather elements can’t go in. It has a covered house and a fence that goes around the side window so your dog can step outside in its back yard.

Design And Size

This is a princess dog house and it comes in pink and white combination color. It is a perfect choice for your dog princess. It comes in two different sizes depending on your dog size. You can choose between small and large, where the large option is 42.52 inches long, 20.47 inches wide and 24.41 inches high. It is a perfect option for small dogs.

MOM Pet Supplies Outdoor Dog House review

Additional Items

This house comes with all the panels and all you have to do is snap it together. You can also get an exterior dish holder for your dogs’ food and water. The cushion is not included in the package but it is recommended that you get one for the extra comfort and softness of your dog.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features additional outdoor space
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Easy to clean

Top Fancy Pink Dog House

Cages Dog House

Safety Of The House

This house is made of environmentally safe plastic materials. It is sturdy and durable. You can use it outdoors and indoors without worrying that your pet will be cold or wet. It is a fancy but comfortable dog house that your dog will love to explore and play around in it.

Cages Dog House

Versatile Use

The great thing about this house is that you can use it for many other things. It features a flat top cover that can be used as a shoe bench or pot plant holed. It can be a nice little storage area for all your dogs’ treats leashes and collars if for some reason your dog doesn’t like to spend time inside.

Casters Included

Not many dog houses have casters but this one has. You can easily attach them to the bottom and move the house around. It is easy and practical and your dog won’t mind a little stroll around the yard. You can lock them in place when you find the perfect spot. Another great advantage of the casters is that they keep the house elevated so the durability is increased.

Cages Dog House review

Color Design

Fancy thing about this dog house is the overall look. It comes in one size of 30.71 inches length, 24.8 inches width, and 30.71 inches in height. It looks like it is made of bricks and painted in grey. The roof is bright pink and the door and the window are also pink. When you look at it it feels like a castle. There is also a small roof window that helps with the airflow inside the house.


  • Elevated with the casters
  • Versatile use
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Conclusion: Which Pink Dog House Will You Choose?

Choosing the right size for the dog house is important but you should also pay close attention to what kind of design you want. To reward your dog princess you need the princess dog house. The best one you can choose is MOM Pet Supplies Outdoor Dog House because it offers everything your dog will need. Or you can go with the Pet Life Capacious Dual-Expandable Dog House which is more practical and suitable for transport.

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