Top 3 Ecoflex Logdge Style Dog House To Get In 2021 Reviews

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Here you can find out information about technical specifications and other features of different models of Ecoflex dog house. This will help you to compare these dog house models and decide which one is the best for your pet and environment.


New Age Pet – The Best For Your Pet

What Is Ecoflex?  See  what else to buy except Ecoflex dog house

Ecoflex is a blend of recycled polymers and wood byproducts, it combines all the benefits of both wood and plastic into one amazing material with extreme durability, resistant to everyday wear and tear including mould, rotting, insects, moisture and weathering. Beside the Ecoflex dog kennels, there is also offer of interesting beds, crates and even feeders for your pet.

Why You Should Buy Ecoflex Dog House

First of all, what is very important, these products are eco – friendly. Many of the pet structures are built and meant to be for outdoor use and are made from recycled materials. Also, considering the price you will get a high – quality product with a long life cycle. Ecoflex based structures will easily outlast 2 wooden structures.

Price Range Of Ecoflex Pet House Models

According to the reviews on this product, unfortunately, the price is not so cheap, but you can be sure that you will get a high – quality and eco- friendly product that surely justifies the price of a product.

Where To Buy Ecoflex Dog House

You can find this dog kennels on many other websites, but I would recommend shopping on Amazon. There you can catch these Ecoflex models at some good discounts and cheap prices. Also, what can help you to choose the best model of your product are customers reviews on the product. Then you can easily compare your product with other brands and models.

Customer Service And Warranty

All of the Ecoflex dog house models have a 10-year limited warranty (material is long-lasting). Therefore you can use the warranty in situations that are described in the user manual which can be downloaded, it is not included with the product. The customer service is user – friendly, quickly responds to any of your questions via e-mail or phone.

Best 3 Ecoflex Dog Houses Reviews

Ecoflex Rustic Lodge Style Dog House

Easy, No Tools Assembly

This model is easy to put together. The assembly requires no tools, the directions are a bit complicated but what is helpful, all of the flat parts have a tiny number on them so focus on that numbers and you will have no problem with the assembly. If you still have problems putting the house together, find a video of an assembly on youtube.

Ecoflex Rustic Lodge Style Dog House

Eco -Friendly Materials -No Harm To Your Pet

There is nothing in Ecoflex that could harm your dog. It is made of a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that won´t warp, crack or split. Also, the material is mixed with UV inhibitors and colour blending compounds and granulated into a form that is used to mould the parts that are used to make a kennel.

Weatherproof Dog House

The Ecoflex rustic lodge style dog house jumbo is designed to be waterproof and keep your pet warm and dry, but according to reviews on the products from other customers, the rain seems to be getting in from somewhere, even when the dog house got wet in the rain, started to fall apart.

Ecoflex Rustic Lodge Style Dog House review

Perfect For Large Sized Dogs

For some owners, that have very big and large-sized dogs, it is a big problem to find the appropriate size of the dog house. If that is your problem,  this a perfect dog house for big dogs. This dog house jumbo model is made for dogs up to 200lbs, and even being big, they will have enough space inside the house because it is roomy; dimensions are 41.5“L x 29.6“W x 32.3“H. Door dimensions: 15.4“W x 19.5“H.

Quality Designed For Your Pet To Feel Comfy

The off-side doors give a nice sheltered section to your pet to keep out of the wind and rain blowing. Doors are big enough, so the cleaning is easy. Elevated floor for flow-through ventilation, although maybe the floor needs more support. Also, maybe a bit negative is that the roof does not flip open. The construction is sturdy and stable so your pet can even lay on the roof if it wants.


  • for dogs up to 200lbs
  • easy cleaning, weatherproof
  • the roof does not flip open
  • instructions are complicated, but assembly is simple
  • elevated floor for flow-through ventilation

Other versions of Ecoflex dog house

Ecoflex Thermocore Super Insulated Dog House

Ecoflex Thermocore Super Insulated Dog House

Just as the previous one, this model is made of eco – friendly, extremely durable materials and is easy to assemble; no tools required. Also can be easily painted. Besides these characteristics, this thermocore insulated model takes the dog house to the next level. it is designed to keep your pet cool in the summer, and even warmer in the winter. However, according to reviews, customers are not so happy with buying this product. There should be a door that could maybe help this insulation thing to better work out.

Ecoflex Pet Crate

Smart Designed Ecoflex DogKennel

Besides it´s stylish and affordable, this product is one of the new models with stainless steel. Furthermore, it is chew-proof, so you don´t have to worry if your dog likes to play and chew all around. You don’t have to worry about scratches since the colour goes all around so chances are smaller for them to be seen. The bars are also stainless steel, which is safer for your pet. Innplace is made of Ecoflex – eco-friendly material.

Ecoflex Pet Crate

Ecoflex DogKennel – Can Serve As A Home Decor

This Ecoflex dog crate can have dual use. Beside it is a comfy space for your pet, you can also use it as home decor. It can be a night table (next to your bed), occasional table or even a seat. Just as it looks like, assembly is as simple as it can be. 5 minutes or less. However you want, it will surely fit beautifully into your space.

Good To Know – NotDurable Enough

The crates are very durable unless your dog doesn´t love being in a crate. In another case, you should not buy this product. According to other customers reviews, the bars weren´t that stainless steel. In fact, customers said those are week aluminium bars. Do not buy if your dog is a chewer.

Ecoflex Pet Crate review

For Dogs Used To Be In Crates

As it is said, this model of Ecoflex house is safe only for dogs that like to be in crate, and have experienced it before. Otherwise, it would probably be ruined through half an hour, according to other reviews. What is good for a non-chewer, front door latches securely and the door can´t be opened accidentally. So when you sleep, you don´t have to worry if your dog escaped the crate.

Comparing The PriceWith Quality

As you can see from the customers’ reviews on the products, considering the price, this is not so affordable ecoflex dog kennel. It is not cheap, and yet not that high – quality product as it writes so.

But you can compare it based on the habits of your dog. If the dog is bigger and a chewer you will not be happy with this product, and if your pet is trained to be in a crate, you will agree with customers with the positive reviews.


  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Easy, no-tools assembly
  • Can serve as a home decor
  • Front door latches securely and can´t be opened accidentally

Ecoflex Bunkhouse Style Dog House

Easy To Put It Together

Just as previous models, this product is easy to assemble. Although some reviews said it is difficult and directions are complicated, if you are patient and follow tiny numbers of each part, the assembly should be easy and fast. No tools inquired. The construction should be sturdy and stable.

Ecoflex Bunkhouse Style Dog House

No Total Weather Protection – OpenDoorway

If your dog doesn´t need total weather protection, then it should be fine for them to have an open doorway. If the wind is strong, you can always orient the house away from prevailing winds where you are. Also, there is an air ventilation on each side of the door opening where the roof meets the side walls. This is good for warm weather. However, in colder days it will allow heat to escape.

Read More About Negative Features OfThis Model

Despite many positive features, such as eco-friendly material, a lot of room inside, easy assembly, waterproof design and other, there are many things that need to be improved. This model isn´t insulated for winter, the roof can´t be opened for easier cleaning and access to innplace, and maybe there should be plastic covering that goes with specific dog house.

Ecoflex Bunkhouse Style Dog House review

Quality Of The Product – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Considering all other reviews on this model of Ecoflex dog house, there are both plenty of negative and positive reviews. there are some factors that affect how will your dog house be preserved such as climate, habits and how well is your dog trained, but yet, taking into account the price, many customers are not satisfied with the material and think the description wasn´t all true.


  • Rinse or wipe clean
  • For dogs up to 80lbs
  • The roof can´t be opened
  • It is roomy inside

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy These Ecoflex Dog House Models?

If you are looking for cool dog houses for large dogs, you should definitely take the first, Ecoflex lodge style dog house. You can be sure your dog will perfectly fit in and still have space inside. The second model, Ecoflex dog house kennel is good for well-trained dogs that used to be in a crate. It is stylish and functional – it can serve as a home decor, which is why is this model awesome dog house for sure. The third model, Ecoflex Bunkhouse style dog house has good air ventilation, and despite the open doorway is functional if your dog doesn´t need full weather protection.

Ecoflex houses are impressive, but if you want to check out other models, then read my post about different dog houses. If you have a budget then I recommend you to read my reviews on cheap dog houses. In case you are looking for houses that can hold more dogs, read my post about dog house for multiple dogs.